The Cunning Fox


The fox is the next animal up. I think foxes have received a lot of bad press recently in the UK and while I don’t want to get into a debate on whether or not foxes are a good or a bad thing, I still enjoy painting them.

I have seen a few foxes running about up here in the highlands, and one or two urban foxes down in Essex but other than that I don’t see very much of them. They’re always furtive and shy and tend to leg it as soon as they notice you watching them. Beautiful animals though, they really do have such vivid colour fur.

the cunning fox


So, hope you like him. The next animal is the diligent squirrel – although after the squirrel I’m not sure what animal to paint!



About nataliesmillie

I'm an illustrator and designer living in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
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