The Amazing Super Bean

Hello everyone!

Today’s blog is about how seemingly innocuous conversations with people can spawn a cool idea or inspire you to do something you wouldn’t normally do.

I’m sure we’ve all at some point had a conversation and someone’s turn of phrase has jogged a memory, or made you think of something cool.

On Friday night, my husband and I went out with some friends and had a few(!) drinks. The next morning I was having a conversation with a friend about what food we fancied to fill up our poor bellies (he was having a bacon roll and some cookies he found), and I said I needed some beans because they were a super food (it’s true, they are!). Super Bean was born – fully formed and ready to perform marvellous feats of superheroness.

superbeanSo from now on, we’re all going to keep open minds and watch out for everyday conversations that inspire us. Alright? Cool beans.




About nataliesmillie

I'm an illustrator and designer living in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
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