There’s an exciting thing happening in Aberdeen.

Europe’s oil capital is vying for the UK’s City of Culture accolade and in order to help it on its way, an underground army of art, craft, illustration and design personnel is gaining momentum.

We have a slight problem in Aberdeen – some people think that you have to go to London to get anywhere in the design business. That’s a shame, because London is really quite far away, and Aberdeen is a perfectly decent city. Why should the capital, which already has so much, have even more when we can create our own Design Capital here? So, without further ado – NAEWYE;


Headed by Paul Mullen, NAEWYE is a zine packed full of delicious treats from creatives all over Aberdeen. Featuring articles from Nicola Watson, who makes an impassioned plea for people to wake up and smell the creative juice flowing through Aberdeen;


There are the Wldwlvs, a dastardly duo consisting of Neil Henderson and my buddy Stu Ford. Neil’s written a great piece about their collaboration and Stu’s managed to pull yet another incredible illustration out of his (beanie) hat;



Dr Sketchy makes an appearance with info on their Anti-art school (which sounds like an absolute blast), and there are articles and art from lots of other creative geniuses (Pirate Photography, Claire Harkins, Adrian Reid, Matthew McGregor and more) throughout;



NAEWYE is printed on GFSmith Colorplan Turquoise 135gsm, and limited to a run of 100, so you really should get yourself on over and order one before they’re all gone.



About nataliesmillie

I'm an illustrator and designer living in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
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