Freak Weather Event in Scotland


I’ve been away for ages. I know. Slap my wrist.

It’s beautiful up here in the highlands at the moment. The last two days have hit 30c! Which is a freak weather event for Scotland. It’s along the lines of cat5 tornadoes and car sized hail stones.

Part of the Smillie family unit have embarked on a trip to the Isle of Skye with the dogs so our cat has had a rare old time zooming about the house.

I have been busy designing and making new things. I’ve been doing a bit of illustrating but honestly I’m finding it hard to focus on it. I need some more direction I think.

Here’s where we’re at with the children’s illustration;

fireside storiesIF surveillancein bed with the flu

So, portfolio progressing nicely, although I could definitely do with some more pictures in there.

And then on to the exciting new ranges I’ve been working on for my shop. I’ve designed a range of lovely fresh patterns which are suitable for men or women (it’s hard to find things for men!) and produced some lovely notebooks, notelet cards and some new magnets. Take a look HERE

notelet 2notebook3large biscuit mags group 2

So, pop along and take a look at the shop and grab yourself a bargain.

My next project will be a slightly more floral feminine range of cards etc – think hydrangeas, roses, honeysuckle etc. Unless I get sidetracked, which is a distinct possibility.



About nataliesmillie

I'm an illustrator and designer living in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
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